1. recognize the full worth of.
2. understand (a situation) fully; recognize the full implications of.

1. the state of being a mother; maternity.
2. the qualities or spirit of a mother.
3. mothers collectively.
4. having or relating to an inherent worthiness, justness, or goodness
that is obvious or unarguable.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Life with our two-year-old

It’s hard to believe my baby is already two! And that two years ago I was giving birth - time really flies. We thought his brother would be here by now, but it looks like he’s waiting a little longer to come. In the mean time, here’s an update!

Letters: He started showing interest in letters really randomly and without prompting, just by asking about lettering on shirts and so forth. From there it led to him first identifying “O” and then “S” and then it just went crazy from there. Now he can identify the whole alphabet (all upper-case and some lower-case) and loves pointing at and naming letters. 

Colors: Similar to letters, he just started pointing at things and naming its color. I want to say he started with red, but he was also really good at blue and orange to start out. Now he can do the whole rainbow, as well as brown, black, white, gray, and pink. Sometimes my husband and I will get really technical and tell him something is “tan” or “teal” and sometimes he remembers! So it’s really funny when he’ll surprise us with “silver” or something like that. 

Numbers: I hate to sound repetitive (or boring to anyone who could care less about our son’s development) but he also randomly started saying, “one, two,” only he would repeat that over and over. Eventually he started adding more numbers, and currently he loves counting to ten, only lately he’s been skipping six. Sometimes he likes to tack on a “yeven” (11) at the end. 

Talking: On top of everything described above, his vocabulary has also exploded. I can’t even list everything he says because he learns new words every day! He’s now to the point where (when he’s in the mood) he’ll just repeat anything we say. It’s really cute when it’s something like “Wow!” or “Crazy!” (the other day it was “that’s insane!”), but it gets me in trouble when it’s “Shoot!” so I have to be careful. He has started to have more complete sentences, and just today he said, “I got it!” after retrieving something, it was so cute. That was particularly awesome because more often he’ll refer to himself as “you” and say things like “hold you” when he wants us to hold him, and call us “me--” when he wants to help us he’ll say, “help me?” Pronouns are tricky to say the least. He also likes to identify when people or things are “funny” or he’ll describe people like “Mommy sad” or “Daddy cute” and so forth. It is so fun being able to communicate with him more.

In general he can repeat after us anything we say, and so we have started to have him say prayers and read scriptures. So that’s been really fun, and he gets really excited about “Jesus!” He can identify Jesus in pictures, although sometimes he’s a little off. For example, once he saw a picture of Dumbledore and called him Jesus. To make matters worse, once when Jeffrey was speaking gibberish and said something like, “Duh-ba-do,” my husband started having him say, “Dumbledore.” Though he’ll still call pictures of Dumbledore both Dumbledore and Jesus. Then, in church yesterday my son decided that was a good time to practice saying Dumbledore, both to my amusement and horror. It was pretty funny.

Nursery: Also at church, he has gotten much more excited about going to Nursery lately. Sometimes he even asks to go during the week! He always talks about playing with cars and balls there, and can name the other children. I don’t know if he sings when they have song time, but with us he has started to try to sing and it is so cute. Once at nursery he even offered a prayer when they said it was prayer time without being asked - that was unexpected!

Around the house: He loves to be a big helper and “kween up!” (clean up, sung as in the clean up song) “errbody!” He tried to use the vacuum and broom, and can help put dishes in the sink. He hasn’t quite got putting books back on the shelf though (a true misfortune, since he still loves to tear them off). He also likes to help in the kitchen and use the “whee,” (any mixer is a whee, and he gets sad if I hand-mix instead). 

Books: He LOVES reading. We get new books from the library all the time and he gets favorites while we have them. Sometimes he’ll still ask for certain books after we’ve returned them! He’s really good at just sitting and turning pages on his own (he’s only torn a few, on accident, he really is gentle) and loves to read the same book over and over “ghen?” (again). 

Baby brother: My son has been really cute with the baby in my belly, hugging and kissing it. Granted, for a while he also would point to his own or daddy’s belly and say “baby brudder,” but if we ask him to point to where baby brother is he points to mine. He loves getting to lift my shirt so he can cuddle my belly. Then about a month ago, he started also trying to take my belly “off” and wanting the baby to come “out.” I guess we’ll see how ready he is when the baby gets here!