1. recognize the full worth of.
2. understand (a situation) fully; recognize the full implications of.

1. the state of being a mother; maternity.
2. the qualities or spirit of a mother.
3. mothers collectively.
4. having or relating to an inherent worthiness, justness, or goodness
that is obvious or unarguable.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

My voice

A while ago, both my husband and a friend of mine told me I should start a blog. I resisted, feeling that there were already others saying the things I would say. Now, while that still is the case for many of the things I may say, I feel it important to be able to express my views in this kind of venue. And even more I feel the desire to say these things to reach my (albeit small) sphere of influence. I hope that through this blog I may be able to enlighten others, create a dialogue, and share my innermost feelings.